Aidan Berard

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I am an undergraduate student currently enrolled in the Accelerated Masters Program for naval and ocean engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology. My educational and career passions include the fields of engineering, architecture, and public service. I enjoy collaborating on real-world projects, particularly those that involve enhancing accessibility and design in urban environments. Throughout my academic journey, I have gained valuable experience in engineering, architecture, programming, and robotics.


1811 W. 52nd St. • Architecture (Residential)

During my first architecture project, my partner Mason and I were tasked with renovating a historic home in Ohio City. Our floor plans detail an addition for the second floor containing a primary bedroom suite. Our goal was to consider the client's requests such as a spacious bathroom and storage space. We worked to bring new vitality and utility to the property while maintaining the ambiance and historic style. To conclude, we communicated our design by presenting to an architect.

2915 Detroit Ave. • Architecture (Commercial)

Working with a team of three other architecture students, we completed designs for a renovation of the property on Detroit for Harness Collective. This project was challenging because we were forced to consider the needs of multiple brands sharing the space. To complete this project we used Autodesk Revit to generate 3D models of our proposed design. Throughout the project we were able to work with the clients themselves to understand their visions for the space.

11401 St. Clair Ave. • Architecture (Design)

For my final architecture project, my classmates Alexa, Wyatt, and I worked with Green Movement Glenville, a nonprofit organization. Located in Cleveland's Glenville Neighborhood, the development area incudes four different parcels and a combination of both indoor and outdoor space. We created a master site plan to show how different spaces would fit together. To conclude the project, we built a piece of furniture in our school's Fab Lab. Our piece, designed for an outdoor greenhouse, innovatively combines multiple functions.

Cerro Muleto • Engineering (Hydrology)

The Cerro Muleto hydrology project involved formulating a plan to provide clean, accessible drinking water to a remote village in Panama. Working with students from the Mastery School of Hawken, I used the Environmental Protection Agency's EPANET software to model our water distribution system. We considered source contaminants, terrain and topology, and water pressure and flow rates. In addition we created a budget for all the system components. At the end we presented our ideas to an engineer representing Engineers Without Borders.


Photography interests me, not only as a way to document, but also as a way to create something that is new out of something that is not. Here is a collection of some of my favorite photographs.


  • About

    I am a USRowing certified coach and retired captain of the Cleveland Foundry Juniors. I have over five years of experience on the Cuyahoga and have raced at many different events.

  • 2019-2020

    Head of the Cuyahoga • Mens Jr. Novice 8+ • 14th

    Hoover Columbus Fall Classic • Mens Jr. Novice 8+ • 7th

    Blake Haxton Fall Regatta • Mens 1st Novice 8+ • 10th

  • 2020-2021

    Midwest Youth Championship • Boys U17 2x • 5th

    Midwest Youth Championship • Boys 1st Varsity 4+ • 6th

  • 2021-2022

    Head of the Cuyahoga • Mens Jr. 4+ • 15th

    Head of the Ohio • Mens Youth 2x • 8th

    Hoover Columbus Fall Classic • Mens Jr. 1x • 11th

    Blake Haxton Fall Regatta • Mens Varsity 2x • 5th

    Hoover Sprints • Mens Varsity 4+ • 5th

    John Bennett Regatta • Mens Varsity 4+ • 9th

  • 2022-2023

    Head of the Cuyahoga • Mens Youth 4+ • 15th

    Head of the Ohio • Mens Youth 1x • 11th

    Hoover Columbus Fall Classic • Mens Jr. 1x • 5th

    Blake Haxton Fall Regatta • Mens 1st Varsity 4+ • 16th

    Rust Belt Grand Prix • Mixed Varsity 8x+ • 1st

    Rust Belt Grand Prix • Mens 1st Varsity 4+ • 2nd

    Hoover Sprints • Mens Varsity 4+ • 6th

    Midwest Youth Championship • Mens Varsity 4+ • 6th